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No animal can exist without magnetic power of Earth!
This is well known through the millennia, but best proof took cosmic research. After first cosmos flights serious problems with health of astronauts occurred, people  spoke about “cosmic disease”. Idea of missing earth magnetic field in space craft was right. Since, the NASA built into all space crafts magnetic field generators that simulate magnetic field, problem is solved.

How magnetic field is connected with health ?
Origin of each life is a cell. It is a basic building item. Life begins in one-cell formation. In human body millions of cells renew each second. Withering away cell transmits genetic information to new cell. Growth and function of cell is driven by electromagnetic swings. Disturbance of such information leads to the serious cell damage – inception of disease. Those affections are caused especially by insufficient magnetic energy supply.

Disturbed driving system of cells can be equalized with help of inductive effects of magnetic field. Influence can be obtained only if  magnetic fields disturb balance. Harmful accessory effects are in case of magnetotherapy use absolutely impossible. Magnetic field function leads to improvement of organism ability to react. Magnetism brings live energy, which is fuel for life necessary powers from nature following biological nature.

Well known anatomist Rudolf Virchow found Cellular pathology - theory, according to which all diseases comes from disturbance of body cellular system, or its function. Paracelus said: “Who uses magnet, is going to find, that nothing can be made in fight against disease without it“. Intercellular exchange is possible only with so called ion exchange. Ions are not corpuscles or formation, but created energy. Ions  consist of different basic elements. By their specific move produce energy (orbital theory). This energy, which produce the smallest elements, we know, can be compared with oscillation. Here can be evidently found matter of all effects. Thanks Kirlianov´s photography this energy is recorded and documented on photographic desks. In university of Marburg a group of biophysics leaded by Dr. Popp constructed equipment which enables to measure the smallest cell and cellular formations radiation. Every object, we can see as dead radiates. Cellular membrane function measurements and its frequency showed, that cell oscillation intensity decreases according to consequence of disease. Cell looses its energy and this way also looses membrane resistance. Conducted oscillations support energetically injured cell. They bring cell back to the original frequency. This natural phenomenon never burden the organism. It is natural biological method. This magnetic energy is natural energy. It is essence in everything, in every molecule, every cell.



Experience of Correcting the Impaired, Biomagnetic Fields
Prof. Nakagawa of Isuzu clinic in Tokyo  has applied the magnetic field therapy in more than 10 000 patients. The results were substantiated and illustrated by the double blind study. Prof. Nakagawa deduced causes of the diseases - back, shoulder torpor, stiff neck, lumbar torpor, chest pain, migraines, habitual constipation, insomnia and lassitude - by lack of magnetic field. This thesis was proved by the following two arguments.

Firstly by the fact that intensity of the magnetic field of the Earth has dropped by 50% in the course of the last 500 years and continues dropping! The diseases related to this phenomena were called the SYNDROME OF MAGNETIC FIELD SHORTAGE.

Secondly, the double blind study carried out by his institute brought the scientific proof that supplied magnetic energy really healed and cured diseases as the cause - the syndrome of magnetic field shortage - was thus eliminated.

Many people, suffering from insomnia or feeling ill, revealed by chance that the said problems disappear when they changed the place for sleeping. People speak more and more about Earth rays or about water veins and it seems to be quite clear that the said cases are also consequence of the impaired natural magnetic field of the Earth. Electric lines, telephone lines, reinforced concrete structures, broadcasting, TV and el. devices create spurious fields and lead to magnetic field disturbances. Because use of artificially (electronically) generated magnetic field is evidently harmless thanks to its biologically natural effects, therapy by the magnetic field can manifest itself only positively.

The essential fact is that we are speaking about the pulsing and adjustable magnetic field as everybody responds  in some other way. The therapy by the magnetic field  is forced through more and more, because the obtained results represent its best pioneer.

In addition to a number of fields of use remarkable results were obtained in the following cases:
Rheumatic pains, asthma, arthrosis, sciatica, intervertebral discs, diminished capillary return, hypertension, hypotension, osphyarthrosis, arthralgia, psychosomatic diseases, nervous disorders, heart fibrillation, epilepsy, bladder dysfunction, bed-wetting, phantom pains, scar pains, somnipathy, headache, lack of concentration, sensitivity to atmospheric disturbances, vegetative dystonia, dislocation, contusions, etc.

In the long test with 754 persons suffering from badly healable chronic pains principal improvement was reached in 535 patients (i.e. in 71%). The rate of success reached 97% in case of rheumatic pains in the Tubingen University !

It was proved unambiguously that the dose of administered tranquilizers was reduced principally.

A better capillary return caused by the magnetic field can be monitored and proved by thermographic records. Increased oxygen supply is demonstrated as well.

Better oxygen supply supports creation of hormones and  accelerated blood flow with proved tissue warming leads to vasodilatation. We are speaking about self-stimulation of body organs without any adverse effects.

Sensitivity of people differs and therefore the most advantageous should be selected individual. It is advisable to start with the low frequency and to increase it slowly.

Our life is used to the magnetic field of the Earth for thousands of years. Therefore we cannot relinquish  these effects without serious consequences. The reports coming from the period before Christ and describing the therapeutic force of the magnets are therefore not surprising. The renewed interest in the therapy by the magnetic field at the beginning of the 20th century was based on the insincere  passion of  miraculous herbalists and charlatans for mysteriousness. Only the modern biophysical research and development of progressive devices for use and testing have proved and ENTERed success of the therapy by the magnetic field. Neither the results nor the latest research should be ignored.  The therapy by the magnetic field should be taken into account particularly by the patients who could help themselves to cure a number of health problems.

Ø  Supports clarification of lymphatic paths
Ø  Regenerates and kneads/massages depth tissues
Ø  Compensates capillary return
Ø  Increases oxygen supply
Ø  Contributes to vasodilatation
Ø  Accelerates blood circulation
Ø  Supports cell division
Ø  Reinforces own immunity system
Ø  Supports creation of bone collagen
Ø  Contributes to healthy sleep
Ø  Stabilizes content of hemoglobin in blood
Ø  Palliates pains
Ø  Stimulates metabolism

Characteristic features of our civilization are as follows:
Ø Immoderate and incorrect fare , i.e. bad eating habits
Ø Immoderate drinking of spirits
Ø Smoking (nicotine)
Ø Lack of exercise
Ø Poisonous substances in the environment
Ø Spurious magnetic fields
Ø Stress situation at work and in the private life
Ø Loss of the bases of  the mental existence

Ø Cardiovascular diseases
Ø Heart attack
Ø Indigestion
Ø Obesity
Ø Arthrosis
Ø Rheumatic diseases
Ø Sensitivity to infective diseases
Ø Degenerative diseases  of the locomotor apparatus
Ø Immunodeficiency
Ø Fear and neuroses
Ø Depressions and psychoses
Ø Aggression
Ø Tumours and cancer

The man of our days is asked to adopt the following protective measures:
Ø Healthy nourishment
ØActive exercise
Ø Elimination of stress
Ø Reduced consumption of nicotine, caffeine and spirits
Ø Application of magnetic filed

These are the piers of the modern prevention protecting us from civilization diseases.